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Eco Tabs™ are a patent pending, multi-functional tablets engineered to oxygenate your septic tank, remove smelly odours (H2S), prevent corrosion, and initiate aerobic biological breakdown of organic solids, nutrients and various other organic compounds. The cost efficiency and technical ability of Eco Tabs™ represents a true innovation in the treatment of septic tanks worldwide and in Australia.


Drop it into the toilet and flush it. The Eco Tabs™ fall to the bottom of your septic tank and dissolve over time releasing billions of multi-functional aerobic bacteria and oxygen. The tablets are designed to dissolve slowly whilst embedded in the sludge of your septic tank.


The tablets raise Oxygen levels throughout your septic tank in concentrations up to 75% more than can be achieved with manual. Eco Tabs™ will neutralise the pH of the water which, when combined with oxygen results in an ideal environment for our 17 best quality bacterial strains to thrive. The oxygen released immediately reduces those smelly odours (H2S) and the bacteria will digest unwanted oils, grease and organic compounds associated with blocking your septic tank, leaving you with a healthy and happy septic tank.



We have been using the Eco-tabs for almost a year now and there has been a dramatic improvement in the performance of our septic trenches. Areas of lawn which were once sodden and saturated with black sludge are now clean and firm and importantly we can now drive and mow over them with our ride-on mower. Plus there is also the bonus of vastly reducing the odours from our septic system. We are very happy with the results. 

Grant Davies, Cooroy Qld

Hi there

Just wanted to let you know that we have been using Eco Tabs now for 18 months (3 orders) and have been very pleased with the results. We live on 5 acres in Cooroibah with a modern treatment plant, the eco tabs have resulted in no odour and very clean “pump out” water. I am happy to add my name to the list of people who recommend your product and we will continue to use it.

Dave Boardman

I have been cleaning my grease trap for the last 28 years and have always disliked this job.Responding to a letter drop,I bought some eco tabs and within days of my first treatment the existing grease had broken up and was disappearing,within a week or so ,there was little evidence of any grease and the out let to the evaporating trenches was clear!I was very surprised and happy that the cleaning job was no longer on my must do list(disposing of the accumulated grease was always a problem)and at so little cost.I am a confirmed user now and have passed my experiences on to friends.Thank you for a great product!

Jim Coles

I purchased your product from you at Caboolture back in August 2015. Since using the Eco- tabs, we have had no odors from our waste water system. Even through the couple of weeks of hot weather, there was still no odor emanating from our system.

I have recommended your product to a few people and I know of two that have since purchased the Eco-tabs.

Recommending your product is a foregone conclusion – the product has totally proven itself to me and I would whole heartedly advise people to use it.

Author's nameLes Boyton – Centenary Heights, Toowoomba QLD

This is our second purchase of Eco Tabs from you as we were really pleased with our initial 6 month supply as they work extremely well indeed. (My husband and I don’t need to fix pegs to our noses any more!)

Mandie Watson – Forester NSW

Thank you, I have placed a tab as you advised and so far so good the smell that occasionally arose has not happened. I’m more than happy with the result!

Thank you, glad I chose to stop and chat with you. I will be putting another order in when required.

Kerry Bramble – Yanchep WA

Thanks to your brilliant eco-tabs, we no longer have to do that horrible job of cleaning out the grease trap. We started off with a badly functioning grease trap that needed a hit of 2 tabs at the outset, and are now down to an average of 1 tab per month and no need to do another thing.  We really appreciate your after-sales service and advice.  All the best.

Cal and Michael, Tinbeerwah QLD

We have been using Eco tabs for 6 months and are very happy with the results. There is no smell and the water from the septic tank is almost clear. These Eco tabs are simply the best product we have ever used and we will continue to do so.

Beth Hobbs, Boreen Point QLD

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